Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays!

End of the Semester Work!

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With the usual end of the semester craming... here's some work I finished up for my finals, as well as one of my WIP thesis projects, Critter Mischief: Food Fight!

Here's a still image:
^ Modeled, textured and lit in Maya.
Textures made in Photoshop and Zbrush, with slap comp done in After Effects

^My Adidas Robot Final. 
I'm actually considering re-rendering, cleaning up the animation and giving it a bit more comp work over the break. I had a lot of fun with this, so I think it can get a bit more love. Modeled, textured, rigged and lit in Maya. Shoe model was a courtesy of Chris Eckardt. Comp work done in After Effects. 

 ^Quick slap comp for the start of my second Thesis project!
Maya and After Effects.

^Close Up

It's been an interesting year so far! From the greatest adventures and people from over the summer, to figuring out my Thesis... I really cannot wait until next year! Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday! I'll be posting my new Demo Reel shortly, with a few more revised pieces!

Here's an amazingly executed piece by Piteren. Pretty sick! So check it out:

Long Time No See!

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^ Check this out!

^ Oh yeah, airplanes totally have RGB mattes along with a spec. pass!
(via. PetaPixel) 

Industry reviews next week! Excited and nervous as well. Since I haven't posted since last month, here are a few pieces I've been working on... all of which are still WIPs. After next week, I'll have so much to post, including parts of my thesis... and like tradition will have so much stuff you can scroll down through. Wish me luck!

^ Evian Redesign WIP:
Modeling, lighting and texturing done in Maya. Quick comp done in After Effects. 

^ Robot Adidas Project WIP:
Modeled, lit and textured, rigged in Maya. Quick comp in After Effects.
Still animating it!

Time to say goodbye to my bed until next Wednesday! 


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Of course I modeled an NES for my Advanced Concepting class! At any rate, I'm going to come back to this later to make the shaders more believable as well as the textures. The game cartridges are of Zelda, Mario and Donkey Kong. I wish I had an NES.

I'll post wireframes later! Made in Maya and comped in AE. 
I actually enjoyed this alot, so it's safe to say it is definately a WIP. 
Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Georgia Power and the 36 Hour Review!

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^ Most of the crew!

Check it out! Georgia Power: Shed Some Light

Make sure to check out all the Behind the Scene and breakdown on the site! It was really exciting and awesome to be working on this project with everyone... it was so much fun, even when school and Georgia Power started to merge. It all turned out really great. So check it out either on Three Legged Legs or on Cartoon Brew!

Now onwards to my WIP from Thesis, courtesy from my 36 Hour Review. Everyone had some awesome work so far, I'm pretty stoked to see what people had done:

^ Original character sketches!

^ 3D Models so far...
I need to sculpt them a little more, then UV them and bring them into Zbrush
(so I can finally learn how to actually use that program!)

^ Wireframe

 ^ Shader test... I'm getting there.

That's all folks! I'll have more to post later.
Keep warm or cool... LA's weather has been pretty wack so far. Don't get sick!


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Wish me luck. I'll post most of my wips after that.

In the meanwhile, check out  Alberto Cerriteno's  stuff!

Chrysler Sebring!

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Another car lighting assignment. I figured out what was wrong with my aliasing from last time. It was a definite facepalm moment--just saving on half from AE to Photoshop. At any rate, Chris supplied us with the Chrysler Sebring model. This was done in Maya, comped in AE, and final touches/background where done in Photoshop.

The model was pretty intense, I'm surprised my laptop could handle it. I only have 6 GB of RAM. Man did I push my lappy! That'll do HP laptop, that'll do.

Back to School Truckin'

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Toyota Tacoma truck lighting assignment.
I know that somewhere the aliasing went bad... but it's okay, I'm fixing that next week!

It needs more work, but it's good for now! The model was supplied by Chris, while I worked on the lighting and texturing in Maya with compositing work in Photoshop. It's nice getting back into the fourth and final season of Otis! And... wait for it, more animation work coming next week! For now, take a curvy, wavy and beautiful graph editor snapshot from my scene file:

Have a great week guys!

Little Details!

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At any rate ... Otis starts tomorrow and I'm here putting together the last bits of my Senior Thesis! Like always, a end of the summer post with some work done and details:

Hey we made it onto Motionographer!
So exciting, I'd never thought anything I worked on would end up here when I was in school.

Check it all out here, especially the credits at Three Legged Legs:
So pretty much I've spent the last two weeks of my summer booked, working for them on another project... and I can't wait to see it finished! I'm gonna miss working with everyone there when I'm back in school.

^ Brian and Matt

^ Street Fighter King Alex

^ Tuna!

^ Trooper Tavarez

^ Greg

^ Casey, Reza, and Darren

I have way more photos, so I'll post them up later.

Then... Whoa! Is that the bag I made? Yep!

It was for one of my IL class projects: Haiti Bridge
It won the Design Ignites Change 2010 Implementation Award! Cool!


This summer has been one of the best summers ever, so far!
In other words, back to Otis! Gooooooo! 

SIGGRAPH 2010: The People Behind the Pixels

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SIGGRAPH was such an experience, now that it's over I'm kinda really sad! I'm going to miss it so much! Next year, Vancouver-- I am so there! I was there as a 30 hour Student Volunteer and I was working from Saturday the 24 til Thursday the 29th. It was my first time and I had no idea how to navigate around the LA Convention Center... but I now know it to a T, saw some awesome lectures and worked with amazing people! I met a lot of people and came out making a bunch of friends! I don't know, but the word "networking" is a dry word to me. It's nice to relate to these people in ways aside from business and actually be human and fun. 

^ This this is so beat full of business cards.

^ SV Schedule

I didn't take so many photos because I was so busy most of the time, or that you weren't allowed to take photos-- so I respected that. Some lecturers I was lucky enough to catch were: Ed Catmull, Eric Goldberg, and Tom Gasek, who I was so very lucky and had the greatest pleasure to get to work with through SIGGRAPH! He's such an amazing, smart and warm person, he worked on CoralineCreature Comforts, Wallace and Gromit and many more. I got to run around with him taking time-lapse photos and did stop-motion with a program called Dragon Stop Motion. Anyway Catmull and his Pixar crew had a few wise words;
"When something is aborted, there is a lot of emotional attachments to these projects or things-- especially the need to protect the unknown potential that it could have had. However, know that you have the strength to move on, to acknowledge what is working and to value that."
But on a lighter note Catmull said things like this;
 "I knew that I liked making visuals. I was just allergic to turpentine so I could not work with oils. Now with pixels, you can't be allergic to that!"
Anyway I got to hang out with some awesome and funny people from Pixar, The Mill (who gave me their flashdrive full of their presentation and breakdowns!), Animal Logic, Nexus, Escape Studios and Rhythm and Hues! Then some days I would have 4 hours Off-Shift so this would happen:

^ One day my friends came to visit! Roger and Margolit!

 ^Then Craig and Matt! Psyop represent!

^ We found Post-its from Aaron Hartline an Animator at Pixar and teacher at Animation Mentor! Then he tweeted about us!

^ Awesome SV friends at Teardown!

^ One of the after-parties, I filled up on gas and came back to my car to find out everybody pitched in to help me but crammed all the money into my dashboard. I love you guys.

Yay! This week has been awesome! 
Hope that you had a great time as well if you where at SIGGRAPH! 
I should be updating a summary summer work post soon! 

P.S. Of course I got a Pixar Renderman Teapot! Finally!

New Demo Reel!

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Check it out! I'm still waiting on one project to get sent to me, but I'll update it when that happens!


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It's Three Legged Legs!
So I've been helping out over there.
They have their new website up and Twitter and Facebook
Check 'em out!

Then, what if LA was finally empty. Especially the 405?

Ta-da! Super Long Glorious Post!

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^ For Chris' Final! Pretty fun actually! 
I'll include the model sheet and breakdown later. For now take my character textures:

^ Our VFX Final! I got to work with Jay and Mccue on this and they where the best people I've ever worked with (...being really good friends also helped)! Initially it just started out with me wanting to do a neon piece, but Raul pushed us to span it out on a story. Jay did a lot of shader/neon light testing to achieve the look, rigged the characters, prepped and rendered all the passes. Mccue and I worked a lot on the story/development/boards, and Mccue saw it all out with Previs, modeling the Lion character, and helping to animate the beginning deer shots, then comping it all together with Nuke. I modeled the Deer family, animated/finalized most shots, treated the footage and final comp in Nuke. It was a pretty awesome experience... I think we had 5 weeks to work on it. 

^ Game Animation Final for Bobby! I'm still working on editing my Animation Reel with Laura's work in it! So hold tight for that!

Anyway, here are some left over tidbits, non Final related:
^ I busted this out in 3ish hours for a project. 
I'll call it a WIP so I can work on it later!

Retarded sketches:

^ It's ALEX!

^ Since Myong Choi loves Tron and not smiling so much 

^ A silly drawing from December done on my tablet. Meh.

^ Awesome talk @ Gnomon on Avatar! 
Got to meet up with Neville Page again, met new faces and learned new things! Sweeto!

^ Otis Alumni and Lord of the Rings VFX Supervisor Jim Rygiel gave a lecture @ Otis!

Have a great week guys!