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Haven't been here in a while, but thought this would be cool to post! 
I've been wanting to take a more advanced Mari class to learn some more tricks! Though I've been using Mari for like half a year now, I can safely say that after this class... I am much more efficient and my answers of a non-destructive workflow have been answered!

It's been a whole year!

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It's May again, a whole year since I've graduated! Wow, the journey so far has been super exciting.

First off, I haven't written much here at all, but I figured I should update the fact that my website is down for renovation. Here enjoy the splash page:

^ Seriously, I am putting my site back up in July! I am just waiting for Battleship and another really exciting project that will appear at E3 and Comicon! 

So for now, enjoy some work I've uploaded to Vimeo:

P.S. I've managed to become a mom of the most cunning, curious and handsome corgi ever! Meet Teddy the Corgi! He also has a blog! http://teddythecorgi.tumblr.com/ Triva, guess which studios he's at if you can!