End of the Semester Work!

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With the usual end of the semester craming... here's some work I finished up for my finals, as well as one of my WIP thesis projects, Critter Mischief: Food Fight!

Here's a still image:
^ Modeled, textured and lit in Maya.
Textures made in Photoshop and Zbrush, with slap comp done in After Effects

^My Adidas Robot Final. 
I'm actually considering re-rendering, cleaning up the animation and giving it a bit more comp work over the break. I had a lot of fun with this, so I think it can get a bit more love. Modeled, textured, rigged and lit in Maya. Shoe model was a courtesy of Chris Eckardt. Comp work done in After Effects. 

 ^Quick slap comp for the start of my second Thesis project!
Maya and After Effects.

^Close Up

It's been an interesting year so far! From the greatest adventures and people from over the summer, to figuring out my Thesis... I really cannot wait until next year! Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday! I'll be posting my new Demo Reel shortly, with a few more revised pieces!

Here's an amazingly executed piece by Piteren. Pretty sick! So check it out: