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Plus one of my FAVORITE movies... My Favorite Wife (1940)
Hmmmm, not so sure now if I should have posted it, seeing that it's the ending.
However if you want to enjoy a classic, watch it from the beginning on YouTubers!
Now, here you go:

Be safe and be sure to give lots of love!
Cheers and drink up the Eggnog! :)

p.s. a new blog header coming soon!
and then this:

The Little Boy and the Beast from mic hic on Vimeo.

Finals, stragglers + less than 6 hour test!

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It was an AMAZING and really awesome semester! To me, after a really really quick turn around from doing concept, and turning a new corner into 3D/VFX and Character Animation, I'm totally grateful for it! Just meeting people from Siggraph LA, like Damien from Pixerati, to working at Mobile Motion with MoCap and Augmented Reality, and learning all these new programs--this has been such an exciting and fun year, even with the all nighters and hard work! What's best of all, are my friends/work companions who worked/played through it with me! Their finals are pretty sweet and their links are on the sidebar, so go check it out!

Anyway, after me blabbing, here's some work to show! YAY!

Character Animation Demo for Fall 09:

Character Animation Demo for Laura Barbera from Kim Vongbunyong on Vimeo.

Some left-over 3D from Chris Eckardt's class:

As well as half the final test for his class, which I have to tweek, just for my own sake and for quality... it was done in about 3-4 hours today:

VFX Final!

Recycle fabric from Michelle W on Vimeo.

From Rebecca Kimmel's Figure Drawing Class! Some digital painting, and good old 5 mins. charcoal to paper gestures:

YAY! This Christmas, I'll be heading up to SF! Have an restful and fun break guys! SLEEEP!

FINALS! ... it's a crazies!

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It's "Over the Hump Day"!
Meaning that we're more than half way done with Finals! Good luck everyone! Keep STRONG!!
So, to celebrate in a few days--I'll post EVERYTHING! including the animation stuff I hadn't posted in forever... but YAY!

what he said

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Wow this assignment was so much fun, I'm actually going to do more of it later! Though it's a simple 3D tracking assignment for Chris Eckardt with some render passes/simple compositing, this was sooooo bad ass! JD had some sicker ones, even if he won't admit. Just waiting for all the passes to render just made it even more exciting!

Final Comp:

Added in 3D Elements, with directional lighting, AO and reflection passes and a bunch of other things:


And guess who made it to the VES Mentorship Program?

Yay!!! I'm so excited for everything! Working with a mentor is going to be so awesome!

not carpal tunnel

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The tutorial on CG Tuts was like a Mrs. Fields Cookie Recipie--you follow what they say and it tastes NOTHING like the real stuff you buy lol. The recipe's lacking some, so you can't get it exactly the way you want it without really using your brain or extra trial and error. Still it was fun to make and didn't take long at all!

Okay, here's the tunnel, click on it to make it larger!

Straight out of Maya (before):

Photoshop Magic (after):


And here's a simple lighting excercise from photo to Maya (though it's a male model, which kinda makes it weird)!

^ Reference photo

^ Excercise

Happy Halloweeen!

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Too clever of a Halloween!
Have fun and be safe!

I <3 Texturing

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From Chris Eckardt's 3D class. I had soooo much fun making/painting them! There are a few things I need to fix, but here's what I'll show! Kim approves! :

p.s.: My animation stuff will come soooon! It'll be an overload I promise because I'm tweaking all the projects out! YAY!

VFX Tracking Assignment!

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Santa Monica Tracking Assignment/Shotbreakdown from Kim Vongbunyong on Vimeo.

Here's my shotbreakdown for my Tracking Assignment for Raul Moreno! I'm actually enjoying VFX class and Nuke :) Anyway Vimeo decided to compress and squash my video, so I appologize for the terrrrrrible quality! Grrr!

Here are the elements I made and used in it:

Oh and during this project, I found out for the first time that Nuke could talk back:

At any rate, more photos from Augmented Reality Training Day 2, tracking! :

^ A face I drew which was tracked AWESOMELY



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I promise that after midterms, there will be such an upload, you'll dread scrolling down my blog! That is how full it will be.

For now, a quick organic model. I personally think it needs wayyyy more work, but in the short time I busted it out... I guess, Kim kinda-almost approves of it:

Oh and NEWS FLASH! Today and tomorrow: Augmented Reality Training over at Total Immersion! So much fun, it's information OVERLOAD. Especially with Jason and Devin from SF here in LA for training with us...(photos might be a bit crude, no time to edit):

^ Josh looking like a tired puppy with wrinkles

^ Devin geeking out

^ Us at the end of the day
8:45 am til 6:30 pm

Anyways! I wish you guys luck with Midterms and Deadlines! Go go GO!!!! Work hard and make 'em good! :D


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It felt like fall yesterday, it smelled like fall this morning, so I wore my Snake Scarfie today! Happy FALL!

Anyways, working at Mobile Motion has been so awesome! Life is so busy as usual, and a bit challenging because of working and schooling at the same time, so here's a looksie at some more school work! Too bad I can't show you what we're working on at work! I'm so excited for it because the whole world is excited for it!

3D work! With an AO pass! And some color! Shack:

Metro Entrance:


More work later! I am in the process of finishing them up!

Rotoscoping Magic!

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First rotoscoping assignment! So many problems, but we finally finished it! Done in Nuke for our VFX class with Raul Moreno! The song is obviously from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Roto Magic! from Kim Vongbunyong on Vimeo.

Hope you guys like it!

Thai Insurance Commericals Make me Cry

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If you have the time, this is pretty moving. It won an Grand Prix for TV submissions at this year's Spike Asia Awards.

Season 3 of OTIS!

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I guess that getting busy with the things you want to do, but also have NO idea how to do it is the best thing ever! You learn so much! So for the first three weeks of school I luckily took it up so quickly-- it has become so EXCITING and AWESOME. So here, take this work dump below!

First off, 3D CHARACTER ANIMATION! the class I'm most excited about!

And this was for my 3D Animation class where we began to learn how to model in NURBS. It's funny because NURBS stand for Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline... but when you work on it, it's not very rational, rather very irrational lol! But at any rate, I modeled a True Blood Bottle as I waited for the Season Finale!

Oh and of course everything starts out with balls:
Also I got to go to D23, but I'll save that for a later! Hope you guys are cruisen on fine! I feel like everything starts in September!