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Of course I modeled an NES for my Advanced Concepting class! At any rate, I'm going to come back to this later to make the shaders more believable as well as the textures. The game cartridges are of Zelda, Mario and Donkey Kong. I wish I had an NES.

I'll post wireframes later! Made in Maya and comped in AE. 
I actually enjoyed this alot, so it's safe to say it is definately a WIP. 
Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Georgia Power and the 36 Hour Review!

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^ Most of the crew!

Check it out! Georgia Power: Shed Some Light

Make sure to check out all the Behind the Scene and breakdown on the site! It was really exciting and awesome to be working on this project with everyone... it was so much fun, even when school and Georgia Power started to merge. It all turned out really great. So check it out either on Three Legged Legs or on Cartoon Brew!

Now onwards to my WIP from Thesis, courtesy from my 36 Hour Review. Everyone had some awesome work so far, I'm pretty stoked to see what people had done:

^ Original character sketches!

^ 3D Models so far...
I need to sculpt them a little more, then UV them and bring them into Zbrush
(so I can finally learn how to actually use that program!)

^ Wireframe

 ^ Shader test... I'm getting there.

That's all folks! I'll have more to post later.
Keep warm or cool... LA's weather has been pretty wack so far. Don't get sick!


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Wish me luck. I'll post most of my wips after that.

In the meanwhile, check out  Alberto Cerriteno's  stuff!