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Haven't been here in a while, but thought this would be cool to post! 
I've been wanting to take a more advanced Mari class to learn some more tricks! Though I've been using Mari for like half a year now, I can safely say that after this class... I am much more efficient and my answers of a non-destructive workflow have been answered!

It's been a whole year!

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It's May again, a whole year since I've graduated! Wow, the journey so far has been super exciting.

First off, I haven't written much here at all, but I figured I should update the fact that my website is down for renovation. Here enjoy the splash page:

^ Seriously, I am putting my site back up in July! I am just waiting for Battleship and another really exciting project that will appear at E3 and Comicon! 

So for now, enjoy some work I've uploaded to Vimeo:

P.S. I've managed to become a mom of the most cunning, curious and handsome corgi ever! Meet Teddy the Corgi! He also has a blog! http://teddythecorgi.tumblr.com/ Triva, guess which studios he's at if you can!


Mission Accomplished

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I've been off the radar for a few months working over at Prologue. The final mission, as we accepted was Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol! I have to say the amount of time we had was intense, you could find me mumbling that it was truly, "The Impossible Mission".

Here is the trailer:

With a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes...

I finally had the guts to go watch it. Surprisingly I liked the movie and it was super enjoyable! I held my breath watching the titles though, it was a huge blur. I was so nervous. However, there is nothing better than to see your work up on the big screen with a full audience. The team I worked with was incredible, and now that the madness is over, I miss them all very much. It was rough, but we had some good times!

Go watch it! Lots of A113 Easter Eggs to be found too!

Like Clockwork

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Taa-daaa! Like clockwork, every year I change my blog layout. Now that I have a website and everything, I never want to lose this blog since it carries all my work in progress and is like a personal timeline. I've had this blog since my sophomore year way back then and boy, has it evolved!

Here's the old layout from 2010:

For All Food Lovers

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BL:ND in Here!

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I'm alive. I've just been working here and learning a few tidbits! It's been great! I've been so close to a few friends, and being on an awesomely fun team! 

Trust me, I'm not ditching this blog. I'll try to post again on a monthly basis with work/personal stuff!

The Cube!

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Last assignment for Chris!
Maya + Photoshop + a day =

^ I am totally in love with the Cube Project!

Last Leg of Otis

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Last few days = pretty exhausted. Why am I DRAWING?! This though, is for a good cause. I'm helping my friend Claire Oring out with her end credits of her short!

^Click to zoom in! 
Man it's difficult to get people to look like themselves when their eyes are missing!

OMG. Almost DONE!

Just Keep Swimmin!

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Almost done! I'm slightly sleep deprived and kooky but... here are my little fish! Raul had pointed out that they should be called: "Floatsam and Jetsam", which is super clever! Anyway, in two weeks I hope to put some water-like distortion that trails behind them and give them a bit more compositing love.

Annnnnnd... WIP Demo Reel time! I'm still working on a breakdown:

Like Dori says... "Just Keep Swimmin'"

Good luck everyone!

Counting down to Senior Show!

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I'm alive if you missed me. There is A LOT going on... but here take a peak at the fruits of my labor. 

I have a website now: www.kimvby.com
So go check it out! I'll be updating everything again in May with new and revised work.

Then there are some fish I am animating:

...which look kinda like this right now:

Hope you're excited about what you see! I have another round of Industry Reviews next week. At least with ours a week earlier than everyone elses, we have two weeks to fix our work! So I'm pretty excited.