Long Time No See!

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^ Check this out!

^ Oh yeah, airplanes totally have RGB mattes along with a spec. pass!
(via. PetaPixel) 

Industry reviews next week! Excited and nervous as well. Since I haven't posted since last month, here are a few pieces I've been working on... all of which are still WIPs. After next week, I'll have so much to post, including parts of my thesis... and like tradition will have so much stuff you can scroll down through. Wish me luck!

^ Evian Redesign WIP:
Modeling, lighting and texturing done in Maya. Quick comp done in After Effects. 

^ Robot Adidas Project WIP:
Modeled, lit and textured, rigged in Maya. Quick comp in After Effects.
Still animating it!

Time to say goodbye to my bed until next Wednesday!