Hey Finals!

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Finals finals finals!!

It's that time of year again, and almost everyone's wearing out.
Anyway, here are some things from Jung's class, we had to do some Mideval Concepts for Jack and the Beanstalk, I got to do the merchant, Jack's mother, some beginning concepts of Jack and the Golden Egg which can transform into some nymph:

At any rate, I'll be posting up everything once school gets out! I've already gotten some rings under my eyes and I look like a panda! It'll be worth it though! Even my website is almost done!!

I forgot!

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I totally finished this two weeks ago for my Media in Motion II class for Keith Downey. It's called Candy Fiends:

Here are the characters in vector:


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Michelle and I are doing a Stop Motion Short! It is about a sock bunny who will go on an epic journey to rescue another sock bunny in distress!!

Here is our inspiration...it's so cool, we watched it 2000000 times. You guys should check it out:

When we're done, I'll post it, and our process as well!

three heads with three ideas

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Hey guys, I think this is totally worth checking out:

oh and hey guys--I think I'm going to be doing 3D Animation/2D...and do some concept art/illustration on the side! :D