Chrysler Sebring!

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Another car lighting assignment. I figured out what was wrong with my aliasing from last time. It was a definite facepalm moment--just saving on half from AE to Photoshop. At any rate, Chris supplied us with the Chrysler Sebring model. This was done in Maya, comped in AE, and final touches/background where done in Photoshop.

The model was pretty intense, I'm surprised my laptop could handle it. I only have 6 GB of RAM. Man did I push my lappy! That'll do HP laptop, that'll do.

Back to School Truckin'

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Toyota Tacoma truck lighting assignment.
I know that somewhere the aliasing went bad... but it's okay, I'm fixing that next week!

It needs more work, but it's good for now! The model was supplied by Chris, while I worked on the lighting and texturing in Maya with compositing work in Photoshop. It's nice getting back into the fourth and final season of Otis! And... wait for it, more animation work coming next week! For now, take a curvy, wavy and beautiful graph editor snapshot from my scene file:

Have a great week guys!