Mousetrap and a waterfall valley

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One of my assignments from the Intro to 3D class was to animate a ball--and I came up with the idea of making Mousetrap the board game. Man, I totally was one of those kids who wanted Mousetrap so badly, but never got it. So I guess I have Mousetrap now!

Oh and aside from that--here's the painting I used for the back of my business card. I kept thinking after I turned in the assignment to Jung Park, that it could totally be something from the Land Before Time and a herd of Brontosaurus would pop out from behind the mountain...


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That's RIGHT.
These are just some rough sketches of some 12 clown characters. More to come later!

R2D2 and R5D4 Are Friends

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I heart these much you can't understand.
I modeled them in an assignment--and they're best friends, you see.

First 3D Animation!

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Check this out--my first animation assignment. I looked at some robot arm photos from google as reference, modeled for 3 hours and then animated! So it's a bit wonky in some frames, but I mainly just learned from it. It's from my Intro to 3D class with Bobby Coddington as my teacher, and the awesome Craig Christian as the TA.

Business Card!

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My business card! I'll post the painting I used for my the back side of my card later.

Animal Drawings--and a Gary

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Here, some animal drawings and Gary dressed up from last semester!

The Birth of Ellipsis Closure

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ellipsis closure

The words "ellipsis" and "closure" are two random things, which are however moving in a parallel manner together. Putting these two together stimulate creativity through their double meanings--hence an inspiration for this blog!

So Hi! I'm Kim and I'm Thai. Currently I attend Otis College of Art and Design, majoring in Digital Media with some interests in Concept Art: Character and Environmental Design as well as some traditional and 3D animation.

Happy Valentines Day!