Little Details!

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At any rate ... Otis starts tomorrow and I'm here putting together the last bits of my Senior Thesis! Like always, a end of the summer post with some work done and details:

Hey we made it onto Motionographer!
So exciting, I'd never thought anything I worked on would end up here when I was in school.

Check it all out here, especially the credits at Three Legged Legs:
So pretty much I've spent the last two weeks of my summer booked, working for them on another project... and I can't wait to see it finished! I'm gonna miss working with everyone there when I'm back in school.

^ Brian and Matt

^ Street Fighter King Alex

^ Tuna!

^ Trooper Tavarez

^ Greg

^ Casey, Reza, and Darren

I have way more photos, so I'll post them up later.

Then... Whoa! Is that the bag I made? Yep!

It was for one of my IL class projects: Haiti Bridge
It won the Design Ignites Change 2010 Implementation Award! Cool!


This summer has been one of the best summers ever, so far!
In other words, back to Otis! Gooooooo!