coffee mafia wip

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 I couldn't snag a Domo coffee cup before they ran out at 7/11... so I made one myself! It's an Eckardt assignment that we get to work on more for next week, which is a good thing as I took only 5ish hours on it. So still a WIP!

Still midterms through, will update this post later with our VFX set extention! Plus NEW WIP business card design!

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Here, a video also! Must sleep now!

captain steiner and the midterms

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OH! and I have to say this first of all things... I met and got to talk to Neville Page! Man that guy is like a genius! Luckily I had also just bought January's 3D World Mag earlier that day, and was able to get him to sign it too!

He was really awesome to talk to, and I can't explain how awesome it was! He wrote, "Be Furious, Be Focused, Be Fabulous!" Great words of inspiration!

Okay... now on to:
However, here's a little organic model i did in 9ish hours for Chris. I still need to give him color and textures later, however it's a semi real figure of Captain Steiner form Final Fantasy IX!

So much more animation stuff coming soon,and I'm working on the header as well as a little illustration! Good luck friends with Midterms or Deadlines!

So Fly!

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 FLIES! So many flies! This week we had some time to experiment with a fly that Chris Eckardt supplied us with. We had to rig the little bug up and shade/texture it up. I actually enjoyed it a lot, so here's the stuff:

^ Simple environment render with the buggers! 

^ Electron Microscope render

^ Then these where some Toon shader renders

Then a quick assignment for Coddington! I used a little sound clip from the Iron Giant, where Hogarth brings in a squirrel. The audio is really soft, but he says, "Oh, but he's not a pet mom... he's a FRIEND!" 

A Friend! from Kim Vongbunyong on Vimeo.

Oh and it's almost Valentines' Day and Chinese New Year! My blog is almost a year old! 

boop boop

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Sorry for the no show update this week, my work needs more workies! HOWEVER! Check this out, it is kinda long, but totally awesome! Brad Bird GO!

There there's this WIP for VFX, just a small part in our set extension: