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These are so true and I love the retro graphic design look :D For more of this awesomeness go check out this person's flicker.

p.s. I am back in LA! and I'll start interning this Tuesday at Jirbo making games for iPhones!


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You know, I'm a big fan of Hitchcock. I found this on Harald Siepermann blog, and by the way, he has some coooool drawings and a pretty interesting interview that concerns European/German influences on animation, cartoons and design.


I'M IN TEXAS...well, New Braunfels to be precise, to visit JD's parents and to have him show me his town.

It was a rough 22 hour drive with some 10 minute breaks now and then--to get gas, spread the legs and switched back and forth with the JD--King of Cruise Control, but man I drove through some dust storm (which I guess wasn't something good to do), saw some crazy cool mountains in Arizona, a coyote in New Mexico, crazy stars and a huge monstrous moon, an awesome sunrise and once I was driving down into the town, a fresh dead dear with two vultures ripping it apart. Man I wish I took a picture of that. But I had SONIC for the first time and it was sweet.

I'll be posting some things and sketches once I get back to the great LA... that means WONDEROUS ANIMATION TUTORIALS!!!! YES!

Oh, here are images from the last day of our Intro to 3D class with the infamous Bobby Coddington and Craig Christian!!:
I love you guys.

Mr. and Mrs. Sock Bunny!

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OH YEAH!! First stop motion...EVER!

This was my final for Keith's class. I worked on this with Michelle for about 3 weeks. It's an alright stop motion piece, with some awesome bits!! It involves objects that we normally take for granted, which have a life of their own. A sock is separated from it's other pair and goes off in search of it!

Anyway here are some pre-production/production pictures!

p.s. rotoscoping bits took forever to do even though some of the shots varied from 3-5 seconds...72-120 FRAMES!! it payed off though! :D