Psssh! A Health Problem?!

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 This was a really quick, unpolished version of an assignment for Bobby's class! It's the first time I've ever done anything with character/mild acting and facial animation. The audio is from the 11 Second Club! It was a lot of fun! Plus the crit he gave me was worth GOLD! 

Then there is this, which is okay... for Chris' Class. GRRR! Must do better next week!:

Also! I went and developed a lot of my 120 film, and here's a look-see at some. Just, going through these make me want summer to be here so soon. Then again, it makes me just want to go home to Thailand:

OTIS Season 3 Cont.

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First week back! Here's some work to have a look-see at:

I have a few poses here with Bobby Coddington's rig! He's one of the reasons why I got into 3D in the first place. He's such an amazing teacher, having him again this semester is so kick ass!

And of course, Chris Eckardt's homework! There is way more I have to fix/remake, but punching these out in the tightest of times is pretty stressful/fun and I love it. It just forces me to work faster and smarter. Anyway this assignment was to just model a bathroom and to only use surface shaders to light the scene (which kinda pinched me because I love using directional lights... and taught me more about lighting surfaces):

YAY! Then on Friday morning me, Sonya and Young visited and exercised with the Senior Citizens of Westchester! They are more flexible than we are! Plus they are so sweet! Then we met Sam, who was really quiet, but the best part was that he was playing chess and looked EXACTLY like Geri, from Pixar's short "Geri's Game"!


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WATCH IT NOW! SO EXCITED! Brilliant mis en abyme EVER!

Oh! and some random photos I had ridiculously edited before a night of adventure:

Hope you enjoyed that! I was just trying out some different color editing!
One last thing, a PSA for all OTIS followers: OTIS Season 3, episode 13 just started up again! I'm so scared for OTIS Season 4, because I'm not ready to be a SENIOR yet! If anything, I'm so glad to be back in the labs working/learning again. Plus it's so good to see everyone again!

hands down compositing breakdown

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Compositing Breakdown (T&S) from Alex Roman on Vimeo.



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I am working on the possibly new blog header! Here's some very very slow and simple ideas- of course there is still WAY more to be done, like texturing the thing! I might add some fishies, squid tentacles and birdies, even some characters from my box project :

Argh... too bad creative process wants to be sluggie for me these few weeks. However, I'm sure it'll get back right on it's little paws once schools starts! Which is too soon! January 11th! Yikes!

today's date can be read backwards/forwards!

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01/02/2010! oh and to that... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here are a few inspiring new videos to get the year started;
A interesting take on life/work/play/inspiration with Stefan Sagmeister, one in which I might consider following in the future:

Then two cute, wonderful videos/EP by Impactist:

OYFMW Promo "Open Your Face and Make Words" from impactist on Vimeo.

OYFMW Promo "Nerdmask" from impactist on Vimeo.

Hope you guys enjoy that!