Mission Accomplished

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I've been off the radar for a few months working over at Prologue. The final mission, as we accepted was Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol! I have to say the amount of time we had was intense, you could find me mumbling that it was truly, "The Impossible Mission".

Here is the trailer:

With a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes...

I finally had the guts to go watch it. Surprisingly I liked the movie and it was super enjoyable! I held my breath watching the titles though, it was a huge blur. I was so nervous. However, there is nothing better than to see your work up on the big screen with a full audience. The team I worked with was incredible, and now that the madness is over, I miss them all very much. It was rough, but we had some good times!

Go watch it! Lots of A113 Easter Eggs to be found too!

Like Clockwork

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Taa-daaa! Like clockwork, every year I change my blog layout. Now that I have a website and everything, I never want to lose this blog since it carries all my work in progress and is like a personal timeline. I've had this blog since my sophomore year way back then and boy, has it evolved!

Here's the old layout from 2010:

For All Food Lovers

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BL:ND in Here!

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I'm alive. I've just been working here and learning a few tidbits! It's been great! I've been so close to a few friends, and being on an awesomely fun team! 

Trust me, I'm not ditching this blog. I'll try to post again on a monthly basis with work/personal stuff!

The Cube!

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Last assignment for Chris!
Maya + Photoshop + a day =

^ I am totally in love with the Cube Project!

Last Leg of Otis

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Last few days = pretty exhausted. Why am I DRAWING?! This though, is for a good cause. I'm helping my friend Claire Oring out with her end credits of her short!

^Click to zoom in! 
Man it's difficult to get people to look like themselves when their eyes are missing!

OMG. Almost DONE!

Just Keep Swimmin!

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Almost done! I'm slightly sleep deprived and kooky but... here are my little fish! Raul had pointed out that they should be called: "Floatsam and Jetsam", which is super clever! Anyway, in two weeks I hope to put some water-like distortion that trails behind them and give them a bit more compositing love.

Annnnnnd... WIP Demo Reel time! I'm still working on a breakdown:

Like Dori says... "Just Keep Swimmin'"

Good luck everyone!

Counting down to Senior Show!

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I'm alive if you missed me. There is A LOT going on... but here take a peak at the fruits of my labor. 

I have a website now: www.kimvby.com
So go check it out! I'll be updating everything again in May with new and revised work.

Then there are some fish I am animating:

...which look kinda like this right now:

Hope you're excited about what you see! I have another round of Industry Reviews next week. At least with ours a week earlier than everyone elses, we have two weeks to fix our work! So I'm pretty excited.


Wooden Lamp

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Super quick (aka less than half a day) assignment for Chris.
In reference to a lamp by Hix-Edition, a French lamp company.

^ Final. Modeled in Maya, painted textures in photoshop
and comped in After Effects.

^ Wireframe (not like there is much to show anyway lol)
I quite like it!

By the way, I started a food blog: Afoodcionado!
All I want to do is just write reviews and edit my photos now.

^ With the first post on The Harwood Arms in London!
Be sure to follow!


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A quick lighting/texturing assignment. The Fusic phone model is courtesy of Chris Eckardt.

^ I think it needs a little more glow.

36 Hour review for Thesis is next week! Wish me luck!

Feiz Samsung P100 Camcorder

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I got terribly sick this week... I have no idea how I managed to get this done. Modeled in NURBS, textured and lit in Maya. Comped in Photoshop.

^ the Feiz Samsung P100 Camcorder

^ Buttons on the side

^ Wireframe


^ How my meds are making me feeeeeel... 
I think next year, I'll have to get a flu shot, even though I hate needles.

Hope everyone is keeping well! 

New Reel: Spring 2011

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You've all been waiting long enough. Hope you enjoy it!
Then by March, it'll change again... and again by May!

Paper Plants

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You'd think paper was going to be an easy fight for texturing... A quick indirect lighting exercise. I decided to do something fun, and colorful, because I've been lacking some color in my work, so here are some paper plants. At least these won't die on you! Modeling, texturing and lighting done in Maya. Comped in AE. 

^ Still #1

^ Wireframe of Still #1

^ Still #2

I found a couple of beautiful and inspiring videos, make sure to check them out:

Beautifully done by Superfad, with one of my favorite designers mentioned within it: Stefan Sagmeister.

Wow... I'm starting to feel the pressure of Senior Show. Crazy.

Last Time Back!

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The last season of Otis. I cannot wait to get out of here! Anyway... I'm sure it hasn't hit me yet that it's technically my last time back at Otis.

To start off, I thought I'd enjoy my last weekend of the semester. I ended up having to pay the horrible price of an all-nighter, but nonetheless got a little quicker at modeling and lighting. Here are a few Chris Eckardt assignments, the first one more so modeling and the second one lighting.

^ Quick model with reference below. 
I actually like this piece and I think it'll look pretty interesting textured.

^ Wireframe

^ Reference from Le Container


Boy was the model Chris gave us... super scary. I did what I could though.

^ like I said, kinda creepy.
I did learn more about portal lights though.

Anyway, I miss home and this is a really cool Tilt Shift video: