Ta-da! Super Long Glorious Post!

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^ For Chris' Final! Pretty fun actually! 
I'll include the model sheet and breakdown later. For now take my character textures:

^ Our VFX Final! I got to work with Jay and Mccue on this and they where the best people I've ever worked with (...being really good friends also helped)! Initially it just started out with me wanting to do a neon piece, but Raul pushed us to span it out on a story. Jay did a lot of shader/neon light testing to achieve the look, rigged the characters, prepped and rendered all the passes. Mccue and I worked a lot on the story/development/boards, and Mccue saw it all out with Previs, modeling the Lion character, and helping to animate the beginning deer shots, then comping it all together with Nuke. I modeled the Deer family, animated/finalized most shots, treated the footage and final comp in Nuke. It was a pretty awesome experience... I think we had 5 weeks to work on it. 

^ Game Animation Final for Bobby! I'm still working on editing my Animation Reel with Laura's work in it! So hold tight for that!

Anyway, here are some left over tidbits, non Final related:
^ I busted this out in 3ish hours for a project. 
I'll call it a WIP so I can work on it later!

Retarded sketches:

^ It's ALEX!

^ Since Myong Choi loves Tron and not smiling so much 

^ A silly drawing from December done on my tablet. Meh.

^ Awesome talk @ Gnomon on Avatar! 
Got to meet up with Neville Page again, met new faces and learned new things! Sweeto!

^ Otis Alumni and Lord of the Rings VFX Supervisor Jim Rygiel gave a lecture @ Otis!

Have a great week guys!