Spring Break!

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Headpieces! Here are some Orthos from Chris Eckardt's class!
I'm glad with how the styling turned out! Chris said the styling could be fit for an animation too... hmmm? I would do something different, but I would still use a color AO. Color AOs are so much fun!

Then here are some quicky quick renders straight from Maya from class on Friday:

I also have stuff from my animation class with Bobby Coddington, but I want to tweak it some more before posting it. Oh so the Internship Fair went pretty sweet! I got a few offers, and I got to talk to some awesome people, some of which where from Brickyard VFX, Sony Imageworks and Three Legged Legs!

Anyway, everyone have some well deserved sleep! Then have an awesome Spring Break or time to relax! I'll still be working through the week here and there, but if you're up in SF, that's where I'm headed for three days! See you up there!

Make sure to check out this commercial too! I heart it: