Coffee Mafia - finished!

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I FINISHED! Here you go!
^ Final

^ Weird fisheye/film grain business

^ AO

Plus me and my friends just played with 40 Third grade students over at the Loyola Elementary School! So much fun! I don't know how I did it after working all night, then prepping the day for them and having class from 3 pm till 9 pm... I say it's a day well accomplished!

Just played with 40 Third grade students over @ Loyola Elemen... on Twitpic

I'm watching Flubber right now in my comfy bed (which I haven't made contact with since Weds), how great is that?! I just got out of class, so I hope everyone's midterms are wrapping up! Good luck still for those of us doing the Internship Fair! Go OTIS, GO!