We're Back!

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With that, here's a quick assignment from Chris' class: 

Then here's a not so quick *cough render time* animation test for the scene above:


Other progress on our VFX project that I'm working on with Daniel and Jay.
Neon stag test!

Then the models I made. Jay's almost done rigging them too!

Then in this huge photo fest-- a few highlights of my 48 hour visit up to SF during Spring break!

^ Me and Jay @ ILM!

^ Craig joined us too! 

^ I wanted to ALWAYS go to the 
Suthro Baths since I was in Thailand!

^ Mark and Victor

^ Noms noms!

^ I was like a dog tied outside of a cafe--denied, as I watched master 
Craig drive inside. I was staying less than a mile away. 
So at night I pointed my head in Pixar's direction.

Hope everyone's week is going well! I'll post soon again!