Season 3 of OTIS!

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I guess that getting busy with the things you want to do, but also have NO idea how to do it is the best thing ever! You learn so much! So for the first three weeks of school I luckily took it up so quickly-- it has become so EXCITING and AWESOME. So here, take this work dump below!

First off, 3D CHARACTER ANIMATION! the class I'm most excited about!

And this was for my 3D Animation class where we began to learn how to model in NURBS. It's funny because NURBS stand for Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline... but when you work on it, it's not very rational, rather very irrational lol! But at any rate, I modeled a True Blood Bottle as I waited for the Season Finale!

Oh and of course everything starts out with balls:
Also I got to go to D23, but I'll save that for a later! Hope you guys are cruisen on fine! I feel like everything starts in September!