Finals, stragglers + less than 6 hour test!

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It was an AMAZING and really awesome semester! To me, after a really really quick turn around from doing concept, and turning a new corner into 3D/VFX and Character Animation, I'm totally grateful for it! Just meeting people from Siggraph LA, like Damien from Pixerati, to working at Mobile Motion with MoCap and Augmented Reality, and learning all these new programs--this has been such an exciting and fun year, even with the all nighters and hard work! What's best of all, are my friends/work companions who worked/played through it with me! Their finals are pretty sweet and their links are on the sidebar, so go check it out!

Anyway, after me blabbing, here's some work to show! YAY!

Character Animation Demo for Fall 09:

Character Animation Demo for Laura Barbera from Kim Vongbunyong on Vimeo.

Some left-over 3D from Chris Eckardt's class:

As well as half the final test for his class, which I have to tweek, just for my own sake and for quality... it was done in about 3-4 hours today:

VFX Final!

Recycle fabric from Michelle W on Vimeo.

From Rebecca Kimmel's Figure Drawing Class! Some digital painting, and good old 5 mins. charcoal to paper gestures:

YAY! This Christmas, I'll be heading up to SF! Have an restful and fun break guys! SLEEEP!