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I promise that after midterms, there will be such an upload, you'll dread scrolling down my blog! That is how full it will be.

For now, a quick organic model. I personally think it needs wayyyy more work, but in the short time I busted it out... I guess, Kim kinda-almost approves of it:

Oh and NEWS FLASH! Today and tomorrow: Augmented Reality Training over at Total Immersion! So much fun, it's information OVERLOAD. Especially with Jason and Devin from SF here in LA for training with us...(photos might be a bit crude, no time to edit):

^ Josh looking like a tired puppy with wrinkles

^ Devin geeking out

^ Us at the end of the day
8:45 am til 6:30 pm

Anyways! I wish you guys luck with Midterms and Deadlines! Go go GO!!!! Work hard and make 'em good! :D