Last Time Back!

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The last season of Otis. I cannot wait to get out of here! Anyway... I'm sure it hasn't hit me yet that it's technically my last time back at Otis.

To start off, I thought I'd enjoy my last weekend of the semester. I ended up having to pay the horrible price of an all-nighter, but nonetheless got a little quicker at modeling and lighting. Here are a few Chris Eckardt assignments, the first one more so modeling and the second one lighting.

^ Quick model with reference below. 
I actually like this piece and I think it'll look pretty interesting textured.

^ Wireframe

^ Reference from Le Container


Boy was the model Chris gave us... super scary. I did what I could though.

^ like I said, kinda creepy.
I did learn more about portal lights though.

Anyway, I miss home and this is a really cool Tilt Shift video: