Mission Accomplished

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I've been off the radar for a few months working over at Prologue. The final mission, as we accepted was Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol! I have to say the amount of time we had was intense, you could find me mumbling that it was truly, "The Impossible Mission".

Here is the trailer:

With a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes...

I finally had the guts to go watch it. Surprisingly I liked the movie and it was super enjoyable! I held my breath watching the titles though, it was a huge blur. I was so nervous. However, there is nothing better than to see your work up on the big screen with a full audience. The team I worked with was incredible, and now that the madness is over, I miss them all very much. It was rough, but we had some good times!

Go watch it! Lots of A113 Easter Eggs to be found too!