captain steiner and the midterms

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OH! and I have to say this first of all things... I met and got to talk to Neville Page! Man that guy is like a genius! Luckily I had also just bought January's 3D World Mag earlier that day, and was able to get him to sign it too!

He was really awesome to talk to, and I can't explain how awesome it was! He wrote, "Be Furious, Be Focused, Be Fabulous!" Great words of inspiration!

Okay... now on to:
However, here's a little organic model i did in 9ish hours for Chris. I still need to give him color and textures later, however it's a semi real figure of Captain Steiner form Final Fantasy IX!

So much more animation stuff coming soon,and I'm working on the header as well as a little illustration! Good luck friends with Midterms or Deadlines!