OTIS Season 3 Cont.

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First week back! Here's some work to have a look-see at:

I have a few poses here with Bobby Coddington's rig! He's one of the reasons why I got into 3D in the first place. He's such an amazing teacher, having him again this semester is so kick ass!

And of course, Chris Eckardt's homework! There is way more I have to fix/remake, but punching these out in the tightest of times is pretty stressful/fun and I love it. It just forces me to work faster and smarter. Anyway this assignment was to just model a bathroom and to only use surface shaders to light the scene (which kinda pinched me because I love using directional lights... and taught me more about lighting surfaces):

YAY! Then on Friday morning me, Sonya and Young visited and exercised with the Senior Citizens of Westchester! They are more flexible than we are! Plus they are so sweet! Then we met Sam, who was really quiet, but the best part was that he was playing chess and looked EXACTLY like Geri, from Pixar's short "Geri's Game"!