San Diego Comic-Con 2009: the Greatest Adventure!

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To sum everything up...Comic-Con 2009 was totally AMAZING. Not only was it my first time there, but I had been wanting to go for about FIVE years. Back in the day when I was a wee kiddie in Chiang Mai, I religiously followed the blogs/websites of Enrico Casarosa, Kazu Kibuishi, and Kean Soo. So when they got to go to Comic-Con, they would blog and post pictures about it, and be uber excited about EVERYTHING! and so, I got excited by everything and promised myself that I would have to make it to Comic-Con one day, even if I would have to fly there over to the States. I respected these guys and their work so much that I wanted to meet them in person and to work in their industry. So thanks to these guys, they became one of the reasons of why I came to California.

^ Enrico was SO FUNNY to talk to!

^ I look like a Spawnling.

*SNIFFFFFFLESSSS* So sentimental!

Alright, Hall H was epicly so hard to get into, but we managed to get in and the Panels where AMAZING! So some of the people and things we saw:

- John Lasseter = Pixar
- Hayao Miyazaki = Studio Ghilbi
- James Cameron = Avatar!
- Roland Emmerich = 2012
- Peter Jackson = District 9
- Robert Downey Jr. = Sherlock Homes and Iron Man 2
- Where the Wild Things Are
- Star Wars The Old Republic
- Jason Bateman = Extract! and Arrested Development
- Olivia Munn!
- Zombieland
and soooo many more!

It was an amazing experience! Next week, I promise you a set of Character Poses! Since I'm back from Thailand and San Diego...I continue working/interning this Monday! WHOO!

Plus, check out what I found:
It enables smoother character deformations in Autodesk Maya! I totally would love to have!