A to Z with Neil Cameron!

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Check out his blog here: http://neillcameron.blogspot.com/
p.s. as a kid I used to be so scared of Modok.

So guys, I've been really busy at work here at Jirbo and EpicTilt working on iPhone games, and hopefully before the end of summer, some of the games I've worked on will be up and on sale on iTunes! My good friend Michelle will actually get to see some of her work in the next two weeks. I'm really excited for her! The crew there is awesome, and I'll draw some cartoons of them soooooon.

Anyway, I'm homeward bound to the motherland...Thailand, so I've just been hanging around with some good friends, taking it easy and reading The Animator's Surival Kit, and just watching a lot of fundimental 3D animation tutorials, especially my good professor's Coddington's Gnomon stuff! And, surprisingly I'm all cool with this stuff just soaking in, and it's beginning to make sense :) hopefully I'll get to do some noobish animation ball bounce, character posing and some walk cycle before OTIS: season 3 starts!

Speaking of animation...TRANSFORMERS 2 was AWESOME! Of course I had problems with the story and some of the characters, but the VFX and Animation just blew me away. Hands down for ILM, Digital Domain, Imaginary Forces and all the other companies. This is our future industry guys!

Alright, I hope your summer is going well! LA has finally decided to get all warm and sunny. Oh and RIP Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Billy Mays.